“I went to Megan after hearing her advertisement on the radio for months – I was unhealthy both physically and mentally. My mental health left me anxious and flat all the time – I had poor self-worth and relied on food to stem any emotions or boredom I felt. I had no idea what to expect – but I knew I needed change.
Megan made me feel instantly comfortable and even out of trance she gave me strategies and didn’t let me buy into any of my excuses. After our session I felt motivated and confident. I have continued to see Megan for longer than I needed, not only to reinforce what she has helped me achieve, but also because she is such a great person to talk to, even out of trance.
Since seeing Megan and with some hard work I have changed so many habits. I have lost 20kg and I am doing better with my mental health than I have in years. Thank you Megan – you truly are a treasure and helped me to realise that I am worthwhile and I deserve to look after myself.”

~ Tara