Clinical Hypnosis with Transformational Therapies offers a private, confidential and very positive approach to reducing or stopping alcohol consumption.

Australia has one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption and binge drinking. High risk drinking behaviours result in negative physical, mental and social consequences. It can impact your self-esteem, self-identity, family, relationships, job and finances. For many excess drinking becomes a way of life and many consume far more than the recommended standard.

A common form of alcohol misuse in Australia is the daily consumption of alcohol. This is of great concern as it not only impacts our health but also our social and professional lives. Many clients have found great success using clinical hypnosis, in taking back the control over their drinking habits or even taking it to the next step and stopping completely.

Not only does Clinical Hypnosis offer you back the control, it gives you tools to move through social situations, peer pressure and builds your self-esteem and confidence to allow a freedom from the restrictions that alcohol has placed upon you.

“I would like to say working with Megan has changed my life.
My husband was working with Megan to stop drinking and he was doing really well so I decided to go as well as I had been living with a person who drank everyday and there is issues with that. I had four sessions with Megan and I must say I really enjoyed our sessions and they helped a lot. My husband and I are doing really well and we must say a huge thank you and would recommend Megan highly.”
~ Marianne

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