Weight Management

Weight Management

At Transformational Therapies WA we have helped many clients improve their relationship with food and achieve a healthy weight.

Our brain is our most powerful weapon against fat gain. If we can change our brain then we can also change our body. Unless we can change what is going on in our brains, we’re never going to get long-term success in actually reducing our body fat.

The brain is our control centre and every part of the body follows the instructions and signals sent out by the brain. It effects the hunger response, motivation to exercise, food choices and hormone regulation.

Physiological hunger is the hunger for nutrition. It’s your body saying you’re low on energy, nutrients, you need to top up. If we only eat when we’re physiologically hungry – that comes on gradually and is usually a gnawing physical sensation in the stomach – we would eat about 30% less.

With psychological hunger we eat not because we need nutrition but rather because we’re sad, angry, upset, anxious, bored or procrastinating. Psychological hunger is getting into the habit of using food to fulfil a whole array of roles it’s not meant to fulfil.

Every part of the body follows the instructions, directions and signals sent out by the brain. The mind-body connection is critical to every aspect of our lives – the brain is the largest slimming organ we have.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which enables us to overcome the obstacles that our mind has set up for us. Helping overcome the negative self-talk that never allows us to move forward.

Clinical Hypnosis from Transformational Therapies WA will help you get on top of the negative emotions, builds your self-esteem and confidence, shows you how to be happy with yourself and break unhealthy eating patterns.

Using hypnotherapy you can change your relationship with yourself and your relationship with food. Contact us and book your session today!

“In June this year I was weighing in at 123.5kg and I could see myself soon being in serious trouble so I decided it was time to do something about it. So far, without surgery or any fad diet or supplements I have managed to shed 34kg simply by some exercise and watching what and how much I shoved in my mouth. I must give credit to Megan from Transformational Therapies for giving me the skills to be able to achieve this so far fantastic result. I am rather pleased with myself.”
~ Mark

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