Worries, fears and anxieties are familiar to us all, but when exaggerated or it appears out of context it then becomes a problem which can begin to rule our lives. Transformational Therapies WA can help you take back control.

Anxiety becomes apparent in the form of bodily, psychological and behavioural changes. The bodily changes include increased breathing rate, heightened blood pressure, sweating and digestive symptoms. These changes evolved as an immediate or temporary response to stress, designed to ‘switch off’ when danger is passed. If they are not switched off, however, they cause our performance to deteriorate and become counterproductive.

Psychologically, we may become so focused on worrying that we always fear the worst and start to experience constant fearfulness and demoralisation which can result in:

  • Catastrophising: Anticipating disaster as the only outcome.
  • Black and White Thinking: Seeing everything in all or nothing terms. A common form of back-and-white thinking is expecting perfection in yourself, and feeling that if something isn’t perfect you have failed.
  • Exaggerating: Is the process of magnifying the negative or frightening aspects of your experiences.
  • Ignoring the Positives: Is the process of mentally filtering out positive and reassuring facts and events. Not noticing compliments or acknowledging achievements.
  • Scanning: Searching for the thing you fear, which can increase the likelihood of encountering that thing, as well as resulting in false alarms.
  • Mood Changes: Also affect the ability to cope with stress. Constant anxiety can be demoralising and create a feeling of hopelessness, which undermines your coping ability.
Hypnosis has a solid track record in the treatment of panic attacks, stress and anxiety. It can treat the symptoms as well as the cause.

When you visit Transformational Therapies WA, we will identify the cycles that keep you feeling anxious and then directly address those cycles within the hypnotherapy session; as well as increasing feelings of empowerment and control in situations which usually cause anxiety.

Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind. Changing the way you feel about yourself will greatly change how you perceive your circumstances and surroundings.

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