My husband and I have been smokers on and off for over 40 years. We have tried various ways of quitting and finally decided to give hypnosis a try. The hardest thing about quitting is making the decision to quit. We had heard many good reports about Megan at Transformational Therapies WA so we contacted her in Feb 2023. We both had a great experience with Megan and have not had a smoke since. Feeling Healthy, Happy and Smoke Free. Thanks

~ Alison

Its been 6 months to the date and I haven’t touched a cigarette. Had some trying times but still managed to overcome the urge. Thank you. Have recommended you to a few people too.

~ Katrina

Hi Megan
I am going well and continue to lose weight. I have now lost 6.2kg. I still walk 5km a day and fast for 24 hours once a week. Pretty happy with myself and your guidance. Cheers

~ Patrick

Hi Megan
It was definitely a life changing experience. I am proud to say that I am a non smoker. I have had 3 throughout the past year when I have had too much to drink but I honestly can say that I will never be a smoker again. It’s something I don’t enjoy, and don’t see myself starting up again. Thank you so much for everything; it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

~ Lauren

I went to Megan to stop smoking. And I’m very happy to say it was a complete success. After 35 years of being a smoker I can confidently say I’m now a non smoker thanks to Megan.

~ name withheld

Hey Megan
Still not smoking, Thank you for your help. It has been the best 6 months.

~ Dahl

G’Day Megan
I am still a non-smoker and cannot thank you enough.

~ Justin

Hi Megan
I’m going really well, no cigarettes/vape since my appointment! Couldn’t think of anything worse than having a smoke now!! I’m trying to persuade my smoking friends to come see you!

~ Tash

Hi Megan
Thank you so much. I have tried many times over the last 30 years to quit. I haven’t touched a cigarette since seeing you and that is 2 months now. I do think about it every now and then, but there is something stopping me and the thought goes away and my brain tells me I am a non-smoker. So thank you so much.

~ Michelle

Thank you so much. Feeling great and haven’t smoked since our session. Doesn’t even bother me to be around others who smoke. I have recommended you to others.

~ Steve

Hi Megan. I haven’t had a smoke! I don’t have any real cravings, though there are times I would really like to have one but I just think about what we talked about. Your guidance to my conscious and subconscious mind has been fantastic. Thankyou.

~ Clint

Hi Megan,
I am a non-smoker! Thank you for your expertise.

~ Jan

Thanks Megan. Not one smoke since seeing you last. Hasn’t been easy but I tell myself I can do this and I realise how gross smoking is. Thanks for your help.

~ Janice

Hi. I’m going fantastic. 8 weeks today. Absolutely no tobacco. Thanks

~ Kalari

Hi Megan. I have continued to not smoke since our session. Thank you so much. I am a very happy customer! Thanks again.

~ Lucy

I’m still not smoking and feel great. Thank you.

~ name withheld

All good Megan. Not smoking is going really well. Thanks Megan.

~ Adam

Sill a non-smoker. Going well, hardly think of it.

~ D

I was a heavy vaper/smoker for 9 years. I had tried and failed every other method to quit. Megan was recommended to me by a friend, I decided to try hypnotherapy with Megan. It has been 3 months since I’ve seen Megan and I am a non smoker. I have not had the want or need to vape/smoke since. Megan has changed my life for the better.

~ Kim

Thank you Megan for helping me finally break free of some bad habits. I am so much kinder to myself and taking control has never felt so good. I love how I am now aware of how I speak and react to things on a daily basis. It feels amazing knowing that I am in control and I am worthy of great things.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to all my family & friends.

~ Deb

Hi Megan
I wanted to let you know I feel great. I don’t even think about vaping etc anymore. Your hypnotism has gone further than this though. I am so aware of how I speak to myself and how I can control my thoughts for healthier and happier outcomes.
Thank you again xx

~ Name withheld

Thank you to Megan. You changed my life. Through your words of support and caring I stopped smoking after 33 years. 30 months later, my health, mind and body are ticking along nicely.

Keep up the great work please.


I started with Megan around 3 months ago to help me lose weight.
I was very over weight and had very high blood pressure.
Since then, I have lost 17kg and my blood pressure is back to normal.
My sincere thanks to Megan.

~ Ian

Hi Megan, You probably don’t remember me but I just wanted to say thank you.  Tomorrow I will be one year sober and I couldn’t have done it without the help you gave me.  Been tempted a couple times of course throughout the year but haven’t touched a drop.

~ Paul

Megan helped me discover how easy it was to lose weight. Before my first session my goal was to get down to 100 kg from 135, but after seeing how much I could lose with the tools that Megan gave me in just a month I decided I wanted to get down to 85. I’m past the halfway mark and not looking back. I feel great, I’m eating healthy and exercising regularly and looking forward to spending a lot more time playing with my kids in the future.

~ Ray

Megan is a phenomenal and exceptionally gifted hypnotherapist. I smoked for 40 years and honestly did not think I could stop smoking. I had tried several times on my own but failed. I met with Megan in March 2020 and engaged in her hypnotherapy services, and I am proud to say I am officially a non-smoker. It has been 1 year and 7 months and my journey will continue being smoke-free, feeling healthier, and not thinking about where I can have my next cigarette. It is a great feeling to have a smoke-free car and no longer have the lingering effects on my clothing and my loved one wanting to be near me. I highly recommend Megan and her services.      

~ Dawn

Thankyou Megan!! I am free at last from my cigarette addiction! Excellent service, intuitive personalised sessions.

~ name withheld

Thank you Megan you helped me let go of all the negative behaviours and self sabotaging. Thats helped me value and love myself and stay true to my values. I now have healthy and balanced relationships with myself and others. I feel joy every day and make better decisions. My life has more ease.

~name withheld

I would like to say working with Megan has changed my life.
My husband was working with Megan to stop drinking and he was doing really well so I decided to go as well as I had been living with a person who drank everyday and there is issues with that. I had four sessions with Megan and I must say I really enjoyed our session and they helped a lot. My husband and I are doing really well and we must say a huge thank you and would recommend Megan highly.

~ Marianne

Megan helped me quit smoking in 2 sessions. It was the best investment I have ever made.
~ Brad

I am very happy to recommend Megan for her work with clinical hypnosis. She created such a safe, respectful environment which really helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her professionalism and kind manner was so appreciated through what was quite transformational experience. Thank you Megan.
~ (name withheld)

I have been grinding my teeth at night for over 40 years. It was so loud that my husband would have to sleep in another room. 3 sessions of hypnosis and everything has changed. My husband and I are so very thankful to you Megan.
~ Lisa

Thanks so much Megan. It has been 6 months now and I know I will never go back to smoking.
~ Ian

I would highly recommend using hypnosis to give up smoking. It was actually really easy once my head was in the game. Thanks Megan.
~ Mark

You would not believe how good my back and neck feel. My brain is strangely quiet. Wow. I’m impressed. I have given your name to three others whom I believe this will help them.
Thank you!

~ Sharon

Four months in and still smoke free. Feel as strong and motivated as I did the first day. Can’t thank you enough Megan.
~ (name withheld)

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for treating me with hypnotherapy.
Since my separation and divorce, I had struggled with post traumatic stress and anxiety as well as feelings of low self worth and overwhelm. I found that hypnotherapy sessions were instrumental in my recovery and helped me to get past some really challenging times. Immediately after each hypnotherapy session, I would have unexplainable growth, it seemed almost like magic. I am sure that the amount of effort put in by you to understand the root of the issue in which I was dealing with before each session, meant that you were able to tailor make my sessions to ensure I could appropriately drop the negative thought patterns. I am a B Sc. (Psychology) graduate, and what is amazing to me is that hypnotherapy offered almost a ‘short cut’ to traditional therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural techniques that often take extended periods of counselling to tackle. In short, over the year that I had my sessions (often up to 3 months apart), I was able to peel off layers of seemingly ingrained (30 years of ingrained) negative self talk and challenge my self belief, leaving me with a renewed sense of completeness, a feeling of confidence in being able to successfully navigate my divorce, single parenting, and working. The most valued result has been a sense of calm and acceptance of myself, an ability to accept even the ‘hard to like’ parts of myself, that has helped me to also view others around me with kindness and compassion instead of anger and pain. One of my best experiences was realising that a particular narrative that I had always had in the back of my mind had simply ‘stopped’, I didn’t notice for about a month, and to this day I couldn’t tell you what that negative narrative was – it has simply ceased to exist in my mind and my memories, freeing up my brain to focus on loving my children, being there for my extended family and friends, and now meeting a wonderful, respectful and loving man.
Megan, your professionalism and open manner was so important in being able to relax and allow myself to be completely vulnerable. It is a true skill to be able to put people at such ease. I find myself referring people on to you in so many cases, because I can feel the difference you have made in my life in such a short amount of sessions and believe you embody the values of a true hypnotherapist. Thank you again.

~ Katie

I have suffered with a sugar addiction my whole adult life, I have also struggled with my weight even though I was active and ate reasonably well.
Megan used hypnosis to help me with sugar addiction, meal portions and to increase motivation to exercise, mainly running.
I haven’t touched processed sugar since my first session 3 months ago, my meal portions have been cut in half, and I’m running further than I ever have before. I am getting stronger, faster, fitter and leaner every week. I have already lost 8 kgs without thinking about it or feeling like I’m missing out. Exercise has also become one of my favourite past times.
I will be forever grateful to Megan for helping me quit the sugar because now I can set the right example for my kids and raise them to eat healthy and nutritional foods.

~ Shanae

After having my daughter (my second child) I was struggling to cope with life, having two children under 2 I was an emotional trainwreck.
Megan helped me with my mental breakdowns and my short temper, she helped me let go of the past so I could finally heal, she helped me with my self confidence and self worth.
I now have the confidence to put me and my family first, I am stronger in my mental health and I know that I can handle anything that comes my way.
Hypnosis with Megan lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders when I wasn’t even aware it was there.
You have nothing to lose and soo much to gain. I cannot recommend Megan strongly enough, she has helped me to change my life.

~ Shanae

Dear Megan, My daughter has literally transformed since her sessions with you. This has quite simply been life changing, we cannot thank you enough.
~ Carol

Megan. You are a miracle worker. Not only do I not smoke anymore, I don’t even think about it. It is as if I was never a smoker. Thanks a million.
~ Mark

Hi Megan. A vast improvement with my sleep patterns. Many thanks for helping me overcome a pretty entrenched problem. Kind Regards
~ Alison

Everything is going well & have not really thought about smoking since our session. Which is awesome, feeling healthy & happy. Tell all my friends about it, so expect lots of calls.
~ Damo

I have seen wonderful results from Hypnotherapy with Megan regarding food choices and binge eating. The control is back in my hands and the whole experience was empowering! I would not hesitate to head back to Megan for any other areas of my life requiring fine-tuning.
~ Shan

I’m forwarding this quick note to let you know how thankful I am for the hypnosis session you had with my son yesterday. I would have paid you $1000 for the results that you have achieved. For the first time in his life today I was able to leave him without tears. I had to travel to Perth today, for the day which would normally have resulted in him being very upset and lots of tears. This morning when I left he was happy and smiling playing with his toys. Thank you so much.
~ Sonia

I feel you have made a profound difference to my relationship with food in such a short period of time. I am starting to dissolve some of my habits and behaviours that are taking up room in my life. I feel the discussions we have coupled with the hypnotherapy is a winning formula in giving me new levels of awareness of my own limitations. Your life perspective and experience is to be applauded for making such a positive impact on my mind. Thank you.
~ Nick

I had been struggling for a while with some PTSD flashbacks from witnessing a motor vehicle accident where a mother died. I didn’t even realise it really, so many other things going on.
My battle with that black dog put enormous stress on my partner and I clearly remember the time when she was sharing with me some of her emotions with love and light. I heard the fear in her voice and saw the clouds in her eyes. I heard and felt how scared she was, scared for me, for herself, for us!
I asked Megan for help. We won that battle! With her positive, personalised sessions, tailored to suit me, Megan helped me find my balance again.
In many ways when times were at their most challenging the help and guidance of Megan’s sessions were the only things keeping me afloat.
We all need help sometimes. Thanks Megan

~ Drew

After the very first session, outdated beliefs about my self-worth that I had worked on for years seemed to just slip away, and so much room opened up in my mind for fresh, healthy ways of thinking.
~ Katie

I’m going so well Megan, have lost 11kgs and shrinking by the minute!! Thanks you soooo much Megan, you have absolutely changed my life.
~ Kaz

Hi Megan. Just wanted to let you know that I feel on top of the world! I went on my treadmill yesterday and did weights and exercise bike. I’m watching very closely what I’m eating but I find I have to remind myself to eat!!! Just made myself a beautiful salad, got halfway through and couldn’t finish – I know what I’m having for dinner! Thanks heaps Megan, you’ve changed my life.
~ Kerylee

I’m feeling so much better about everything! Thankyou. I have turned a massive corner, thanks Megan!. You’ve been an incredible help.
~ Jen

Megan is that wonderful mix of incredible knowledge and professionalism with true intuitive care. She takes the time to know you as an individual and her therapy is based entirely on you and your needs.
~ Natalie

Megan transformed my life in one visit. So I feel great after 4. Don’t hold back. If there’s a change you want to make get in contact with Megan now. You won’t be disappointed.
~ Scott

I’ve had one in person session and now one via zoom! Great being in the comfort of my own home but still able to access this amazing service. Thank you Megan. Fabulous that technology can still keep us connected in these uncertain times.

“Hi Megan it’s Scott, just letting you know it’s now basically 8 months since I saw you and still a non smoker with absolutely no intention of smoking again. Thank you so very much!!!”
~ Scott

“When I was honest with myself alcohol was controlling most aspects of my life. Megan gave me back the control and I can’t thank her enough.”
~ Cheryl

“Hi Megan, getting control over my drinking has been the best thing I have ever done. Your sessions have completely curbed my over consumption, but still allow me to enjoy a social drink. My wife and I can’t thank you enough.”
~ George

“I would like to say working with Megan has changed my life. My husband was working with Megan to stop drinking and he was doing really well so I decided to go as well as I had been living with a person who drank everyday and there is issues with that.
I had four sessions with Megan and I must say I really enjoyed our sessions and they helped a lot. My husband and I are doing really well and we must say a huge thank you and would recommend Megan highly.”

~ Marianne

“At 51 I was a 2 pack a day smoker. When I laughed it ended with coughing and it was costing me a fortune. Despite that, addiction aside, I “liked” smoking! And I wanted to give up!
My partner and I asked Megan for help using hypnotherapy. 10 months on and I haven’t had a single drag of smoke from the first day of hypnotherapy with Megan! I wanted to stop, with Megan’s help, I did!
In hindsight I think the ‘thought’ of giving up smoking took more energy than actually doing it. The hardest part is to start. Pick a date. Do it!”

~ Drew

“Amazing! I highly recommend to do hypnotherapy with Megan. My partner and I both worked with her to stop smoking. It’s now been 9 months and we haven’t touched a cigarette! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have been so amazed and blown away by the results and how my brain is strongly convinced not to smoke anymore or ever again.
Megan is very professional and knows what she is doing. She takes time to personalise each session for each individual and she integrates exactly what you need! I can recommend to consult her for any life problem and I am 300% sure she will do all she can to help you as she has a warm heart and strong intuition too. Thank you so so much, powerful you, Megan. I still can’t believe it!”

~ Beatrice

“I have stayed smoke free even though work has been challenging and stress levels are up. Thanks so much.”
~ Carolyn

“You’ll be please to know still not smoking and will keep it that way. Thanks Megan.”
~ Bernie

“I went to Megan after hearing her advertisement on the radio for months – I was unhealthy both physically and mentally. My mental health left me anxious and flat all the time – I had poor self-worth and relied on food to stem any emotions or boredom I felt. I had no idea what to expect – but I knew I needed change.
Megan made me feel instantly comfortable and even out of trance she gave me strategies and didn’t let me buy into any of my excuses. After our session I felt motivated and confident. I have continued to see Megan for longer than I needed, not only to reinforce what she has helped me achieve, but also because she is such a great person to talk to, even out of trance.
Since seeing Megan and with some hard work I have changed so many habits. I have lost 20kg and I am doing better with my mental health than I have in years. Thank you Megan – you truly are a treasure and helped me to realise that I am worthwhile and I deserve to look after myself.”

~ Tara

“In June this year I was weighing in at 123.5kg and I could see myself soon being in serious trouble so I decided it was time to do something about it. So far, without surgery or any fad diet or supplements I have managed to shed 34kg simply by some exercise and watching what and how much I shoved in my mouth. I must give credit to Megan from Transformational Therapies for giving me the skills to be able to achieve this so far fantastic result. I am rather pleased with myself.”
~ Mark