I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for treating me with hypnotherapy.
Since my separation and divorce, I had struggled with post traumatic stress and anxiety as well as feelings of low self worth and overwhelm. I found that hypnotherapy sessions were instrumental in my recovery and helped me to get past some really challenging times. Immediately after each hypnotherapy session, I would have unexplainable growth, it seemed almost like magic. I am sure that the amount of effort put in by you to understand the root of the issue in which I was dealing with before each session, meant that you were able to tailor make my sessions to ensure I could appropriately drop the negative thought patterns. I am a B Sc. (Psychology) graduate, and what is amazing to me is that hypnotherapy offered almost a ‘short cut’ to traditional therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural techniques that often take extended periods of counselling to tackle. In short, over the year that I had my sessions (often up to 3 months apart), I was able to peel off layers of seemingly ingrained (30 years of ingrained) negative self talk and challenge my self belief, leaving me with a renewed sense of completeness, a feeling of confidence in being able to successfully navigate my divorce, single parenting, and working. The most valued result has been a sense of calm and acceptance of myself, an ability to accept even the ‘hard to like’ parts of myself, that has helped me to also view others around me with kindness and compassion instead of anger and pain. One of my best experiences was realising that a particular narrative that I had always had in the back of my mind had simply ‘stopped’, I didn’t notice for about a month, and to this day I couldn’t tell you what that negative narrative was – it has simply ceased to exist in my mind and my memories, freeing up my brain to focus on loving my children, being there for my extended family and friends, and now meeting a wonderful, respectful and loving man.
Megan, your professionalism and open manner was so important in being able to relax and allow myself to be completely vulnerable. It is a true skill to be able to put people at such ease. I find myself referring people on to you in so many cases, because I can feel the difference you have made in my life in such a short amount of sessions and believe you embody the values of a true hypnotherapist. Thank you again.

~ Katie